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Consulting procedures energize

Consulting procedures, acceptance documents and energization of electricity projects, including:

  • Documents and procedures related to Electricity
  • Documentation of procedures related to works
  • Records of procedures related to state management agencies

Analysis and troubleshooting of electrical incidents

Technology transfer from partners providing equipment chains, training for latecomers. Handling emergency incidents, correct to ensure the system is at least stopped or not stopped. Check and predict incidents that may occur in the future to have alternatives to replace or repair and purchase backup machinery. Search and buy supplies, equipment for the replacement or correction process. Planning to upgrade and convert the system when required

Maintenance of electrical equipment, transformer stations

Strictly follow the maintenance procedure of the substation, reduce the impact of failures due to poor design, manufacture, aging during use, or may be caused by substation maintenance procedures are improper as set by the standard, due to operation in adverse weather conditions